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Over the past three decades, the pick-up market in Europe has expanded and diversified, with vehicles used for an ever increasing range of roles: from a road-going passenger car through to a multi-purpose, off-road workhorse.

SuperPro's Isuzu D-Max and Ford Ranger Wildtrak in Devon

Off-road, on-road; with loads, without loads; towing trailers or carrying passengers; the beauty of a modern pick-up is its exceptional versatility. But its ‘one-size fits all’ philosophy can sometimes lead to compromise - and in no area more so than suspension.

SuperPro-equipped Ford Ranger and Land Rover Defender on fast and flowing Welsh roads

Since the company was started over 35 years ago, SuperPro has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for providing high performance upgrades that enhance the operation and efficiency of OE suspension systems, especially when it comes to 4x4s and SUVs. Its prowess when it comes to off-road and utility vehicles is hardly surprising, bearing in mind that the business was established in the acknowledged home of the “Ute”, Australia.

Whilst extremely capable in their standard form - whatever the marque - most pick-ups suffer from a series of inherent traits that are so often found in utility vehicles designed to offer a compromise between a commercial truck, 4x4 off roader and an everyday passenger car. These issues are generally suspension related and mainly due to the use of leaf springs at the rear, coupled with a long flatbed load carrying area.

Extreme Product Testing in Australia

There’s no question that the newer the pick up, the less apparent the idiosyncrasies appear and it’s clear that manufacturers have worked hard in recent times to dial out the issues that are a result of combining a utilitarian workhorse with a well-appointed passenger car. Fitting SuperPro upgrade parts delivers a series of significant benefits and overcomes many of the inherent issues, such as indifferent ride quality, passenger comfort and rear end stability - especially when negotiating slippery corners.

Taking into consideration feedback from drivers, information gathered via the motor trade and from its own experience of using these vehicles on a day-to-day basis, SuperPro has designed a series of coordinated upgrades that improve suspension performance. These include its market-leading polyurethane bushes, a uniquely designed rear anti-roll bar and an innovative greaseable shackle kit.

SuperPro's Ford Ranger Wildtrak in Wales

Products Available

SuperPro Bushes and Tubes

SuperPro Bushes

Manufactured from a unique blend of polyurethane, it is well documented that SuperPro bushes provide a more precise feel through corners, more responsive steering and greater stability under braking and acceleration - all without the harshness and vibration often associated with other Polyurethane products. An essential starting point for all handling upgrades.

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Rear Anti-Roll Bars

No current leaf-sprung pickups has a rear anti-roll bars when they leave the factory. Cost is the main reason for this and it leaves the handling feeling somewhat unpredictable and 'lively'. A SuperPro anti-roll bar will change that.

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SuperPro Bushes and Tubes
SuperPro Greaseable Shackle and Pin Kit

Greaseable Shackle Kits

The leaf-springs fitted to the rear of almost all current pickups are designed to allow a flat load bay area (removing the need for strut turrets to interfere with the space) and cope well with handling heavy weights. However, this suspension design relies heavily on the correct functioning of the bushes and shackles to allow a smooth and controlled path of movement in the springs. SuperPro's Shackle Kits not only offer much longer service life, they are serviceable in-situ to maintain optimal performance.

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Strut Top Mounts

SuperPro's strut top mounts utilise their unique blend of polyurethane, combined with superior mounting rings, spring seats, nuts and washers to create a much more durable and longer lasting upgrade to the standard OE items - particularly on vehicles used off-road and in harsh conditions.

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Strut Top Mounts
SuperPro Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Links

Adjustable Links

Raising or lowering a vehicle can put additional stress on the anti-roll bar links which can cause premature wear and eventually, failure. It also puts additional stress on surrounding components which can be very expensive to replace. SuperPro's adjustable links are available in a wide variety of sizes and will allow the vehicle to be set up correctly.

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Adjustable Upper Control Arms

Raising or lowering a vehicle can introduce a wide range of alignment issues and SuperPro have created a range of adjustable upper control arms to allow a wider range of alignment adjustability and create a greater clearance between the arm and the strut at full droop - providing greater articulation.

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SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arms
SuperPro Easy-Lift Blocks, U-Bolts and Spacers

Easy-Lift Kits

In response to large customer demand for a cheaper way to increase ride height, SuperPro have developed a range of easy-to-fit lift kits that are designed specifically to work in harmony with each vehicle's OE suspension system. A thorough testing and development process means there's no negative impact on handling, braking, electronic stability systems or driver control.

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Full Suspension Packages

Please call us on +44 (0)1823 690 281 or email us at info@superproeurope.com.

SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arms

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Here's a video of some of our own fleet of vehicles traversing a well known greenlane route in mid-Wales. Our own P38 Range Rover, Land Rover Defender and Ford Ranger pickup truck all completed the course with no issues. What makes it even more impressive is that the Ford Ranger was fitted with SuperPro's full handling package and normal road tyres. That vehicle owns the road and suffers no reduction in off-road capability!
Our own 2013 Isuzu D-Max and Ford Ranger showing off their off-road abilities in rural Devon in 2018. Even though both cars have SuperPro handling packages fitted, they can still perform uncompromised - even with road tyres!
SuperPro Hilux on test in the Australian Outback
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