SuperPro Pick-Up Adjustable Links

Designed to help achieve optimum suspension performance and geometric accuracy. SuperPro offers a comprehensive range of adjustable, heavy-duty anti-roll bar links and ball joints.

SuperPro Heavy-Duty Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Link on a Ford Ranger

The new series of finely engineered components are suitable for a variety of makes and models across a wide range of applications.

Manufactured from 6060 T5 Alloy, the link arms are supplied in a durable and striking blue anodized finish, complete with the SuperPro logo. When fitted, the likelihood of flexing is reduced and, because adjustment can be carried out at either end whilst the link arms are in-situ by simply using a spanner, neutral positioning is made easier.

By allowing further adjustment than that of the standard items means suspension alignment issues can be more easily overcome, especially in cases where ride-heights have been modified, alternative suspension has been fitted, or when compensation is required due to wear.

Adjustable Links

If used in conjunction with other components from the SuperPro Pick-up Performance Programme, the benefits of accurate alignment, improved stability and a sharper feel are further enhanced. In addition to offering a performance alternative, the links can also be used to provide a straightforward service replacement item when older or discontinued OE applications are unavailable.

The accompanying ball joints are manufactured to be larger than the original fitments in order to reduce friction and consequently, increase operational lifespan.

Currently, 20 part numbers make up this new range of products, with link arms available in a variety of lengths: from 75/85mm, through to 320/365mm, with 10mm and 12mm diameter ball joint stud options.

Fitting Adjustable Links

Fitting adjustable links can seem intimidating but following the correct procedure is very straightforward:

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