SuperPro Greaseable Shackles complete with SuperPro bushes. You can see the removable and completely serviceable grease nipple on the right-hand side of the photo.

SuperPro Greasable Shackle and Pin Kits

How A Fully-Serviceable Greasable Shackle Kit Can Improve your 4WD - rather watch than read?

Rear leaf spring bushings and shackles are often overlooked when upgrading the suspension of a 4WD. Leaf spring bushings stabilise the movement of the rear axle, inferior bushes in this area will cause the solid rear axle to move and impart rear end passive steer to the vehicle. It also causes the vehicle to "wander" all over the road and be unstable under heavy braking. This can be especially noticeable carrying a load or towing a boat or caravan.

Your OE rubber bushes are designed to work at a standard height with standard tyres and under standard loads. You will need a SuperPro greasable shackle and leaf spring bushing kit if:

  • The rubber bushings start to show signs of wear - which can happen within a few months from new
  • Bigger wheels and/or tyres are fitted
  • The vehicle tows a trailer, boat or caravan
  • The vehicle's ride height is changed
  • The vehicle is used to carry weight
Fully Serviceable Shackles Kit - this pic is of one of the front shackles


  • Fully-deconstructable design means easy fitment and servicability.
  • Protected grease nipples to avoid damage
  • Special tubes to allow grease to flow
  • SuperPro's superior polyurethane bushings
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions
  • Everything required to fit all in one kit


SuperPro's R&D Lead Engineer, Kirk Raines, talks you through the range of SuperPro Greasable Shackle, Bush and Pin kits:

What vehicles do our range of kits cover?

What are the Part Numbers for the Greasable Shackle Kits?

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SuperPro Greaseable Shackle for a Toyota Land Cruiser
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