SuperPro Bushes for Pick-Ups

SuperPro's Anti-Roll Bar D-Bushes

SuperPro's Bushes form the bedrock for all suspension upgrades. After all, you don't build a house and expect it to be standing for years to come if you don't lay solid foundations first!

Manufactured from a unique blend of polyurethane, SuperPro bushes provide a range of performance benefits for all suspension systems. These attributes are even more significant for vehicles that are used for a multitude of purposes in demanding conditions, both on and off road - a set of circumstances that describe pick-ups perfectly.

Designed by suspension experts and proven in some of the world’s harshest environments means that SuperPro products deliver outstanding performance, last longer and improve how a vehicle feels. All bushes are manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure they fit each application perfectly and keep components working as the manufacturer intended.

After carefully studying the combination of forces and conditions to which vehicle suspension systems are subjected, over 30 years of development has seen SuperPro create a unique blend of polyurethane material that stays in grade and maintains its structural character.

Photo showing how dirt had got into the rear leaf spring eye bushes and was causing the bushes to degrade - after just 7000 miles!
We found this inbetween the two rear leaf spring eye bushes on our 7000 mile (no off-road use) Ford Ranger Wildtrak. This dirt ingress was already causing wear and degradation of both the OEM rubber bushes and the spring itself!

More responsive steering, greater control and better stability under braking and acceleration are just some of the benefits that have been levelled at SuperPro bushes – all without the harshness and vibration often associated with other makes of polyurethane products. These unique attributes provide the ride-comfort of rubber together with the durability of polyurethane.

Also available from SuperPro is an innovative range of bushes with offset centres that can be used to correct alignment when ride heights have been modified, or if suspension components have suffered excessive wear.

SuperPro Bushes and Tubes

Rubber vs. Polyurethane

For over a century, rubber has been the universal material used in the design of suspension bushes. However, it is vulnerable to abrasion and will deteriorate when exposed to ultra-violet light, water or chemicals such as oil, petrol, salt, antifreeze and other solvents and airborne contaminants.

This causes rubber to start to lose its elasticity and importantly, its resilience and shape. Therefore suspension components start to move position, causing a loss of handling, precision and predictability as well as accelerated wear of other components, including tyres. In contrast, polyurethanes - especially those manufactured using cold pour/thermo-setting processes - can be resistant to all these issues. The result is a bush that will last far longer than a rubber version and perform consistently throughout its life.

SuperPro bushes are available individually or as kits for a wide range of applications including the UK’s most popular pick-ups.

Advantages of Fitting SuperPro Bushes

  • Better handling and stability - especially when vehicle is carrying loads or towing
  • Increased tyre and suspension life
  • Improved suspension performance with consistent geometry
  • No increase in vibration an road noise
  • Precision engineered for an exact fit
  • No component modifications required
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Ideal for multi-purpose vehicles that are used both on and off road
  • Offset centre, geometry correction bushes available for most models

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