SuperPro Anti-Roll Bars

SuperPro Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar with unique durable coating

For sharper steering, better handling and more grip for all driving situations.

Your everyday car can easily be enhanced with SuperPro anti-roll bar products (also known as sway bars or stabiliser bars) for sharper steering, less body roll - making it safer for driver and passengers. The SuperPro anti-roll bar range includes:

  • Anti-roll bars: featuring SuperPro's unique proprietary ultra-durable coating and designed and built in-house.
  • Roll-centre correction products
  • Caster, camber and toe alignment kits
  • Anti-lift products

Why use anti-roll bars, sway bars or, stabiliser bars?

There are many reasons, however the prime reason a bar is fitted is to maintain maximum tyre contact with the road. Suspension systems are designed to vary the angle of the wheel and contact patch as a vehicle travels along the road. The optimum contact patch is achieved with the wheel in the vertical position. Braking, body roll, body yaw, squat and dive all cause the shift in contact patch.

SuperPro’s superior manufacturing and technological expertise ensures better car performance and safety when cornering. SuperPro anti-roll bars ensure that the load is distributed evenly over your tyres delivering longer tyre life and a better grip leading to a more comfortable driving experience.


SuperPro Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars

Adjustable anti-roll bars put you in control of the rigidity of the bars by allowing you to adjust the length of the arms. The adjustable anti-roll bars come 2, 3 or 4 points of adjustment providing numerous stiffness options. These anti-roll bars reduce the need to replace the entire anti-roll bar with multiple different designs.


SuperPro Hollow Anti-Roll Bars

For the last decade manufacturer’s have focussed a great deal on reducing vehicle mass to decrease fuel consumption, which has led to research into more effective lightweight metals. This has resulted in hollow anti-roll bars that, through careful selection of choice of materials, facilitates progressive performance characteristics for even more sophisticated tuning and suspension setups.

SuperPro hollow anti-roll bars are up to 30% lighter than the traditional bars and are made from race spec chromoloy. These progressive roll control bars provide reduced weight and better fuel efficiency. Features of SuperPro hollow bars include:

  • 30% lighter – reduced unsprung mass *
  • Race-spec chromoly
  • Unique progressive design
  • Fully adjustable to suit a variety of different vehicle configurations and uses

* When compared with OE and aftermarket alternatives

Aren't hollow anti-roll bars less stiff than solid bars?

An anti-roll bar operates in a cross-sectional plane offering torsional resistance to twist. Simply making a sway bar thicker makes the torsional resistance greater and therefore the anti-roll bar becomes stiffer.

Tubular material works just like a solid bar using material cross-section torsional-resistance. With a tubular anti-roll bar design, anti-roll rate or resistance can be adjusted by changing both the outside diameter and wall thickness which means that you can achieve the same characteristics as a solid bar with careful development and testing - which SuperPro do in-house in their own facilities in Brisbane Australia.


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