Features of SuperPro Products


SuperPro's unique blend of Polyurethane has mechanical properties that make it extremely successful in its application. Extreme resistance to abrasion, low compression set, high tear strength and resistance to oils and solvents make SuperPro’s polyurethane ideal for automotive applications.


The crush tube is an integral component of the suspension bush system and is necessary for free pivoting. These crush tubes, along with all steel outer shells and sleeves are all made to precision tolerances to ensure a precise fit and years of trouble-free life.

The Double Helix

The double helix is a design feature that has lead to improvements in the SuperPro product. The double helix is used in two applications. The first is on the inside of the bush and the second is on the outside diameter of the crush tube.

Double Helix

The first design of the double helix is used primarily on shackle bushes. The double helix provides a region for grease to travel along. This allows a boundary layer of grease to form between the inside diameter of the bush and the outside diameter of the tube. The double helix is extremely successful in greaseable shackles as the grease can travel from the centre of the bush along the helix and out to the grease grooves in the head of the bush.

Bullet Grooves and Voiding

Bullet Grooves and VoidingBullet grooves are incorporated in the design of SuperPro bushes to allow for variances in control arm or spring eyes.

The voiding and bullet grooves also allow for the transgression of displaced polyurethane into the volume of the grooves as load is applied during normal vehicle operation. Even though polyurethane is in a solid form when it is manufactured into bushes, its unique properties enable it flow in a manner similar to a liquid when loaded. The action of the bush flowing into its voids prevents the generation of harshness and NVH within the bush and its mount.

Tangential Grease Grooves in Head

Tangential Grease Grooves in HeadThe tangential grease grooves in the heads of shackle bushes have reduced the friction between the head of the bush and the shackle plates. The grooves store grease, which is smeared around the mating surfaces when the spring shackles rotate forming a lubrication boundary layer. This has the effect of minimising head friction and reducing noise.


SuperPro anti-roll bar bushes showing their unique knurling feature.
SuperPro's unique Knurling traps grease and reduces friction by up to 75% allowing components to pivot freely, without creaking or wearing out.

KnurlingKnurling is used on control arm bushes to enable unrestricted pivoting of the polyurethane bush around the crush tube. The knurling has two inherent design advantages. The knurling reduces the surface area of polyurethane in contact with the crush tube. This reduction in surface area results in less frictional forces being developed. The SuperPro knurl bore keeps the lubricating grease intact for the life of the bushing, and eliminates the necessity for periodic re-greasing.

Dynamic Roll Control

Body roll is an important characteristic of vehicle handling and understanding its impact on the car as a whole is fundamental to developing suspension total solutions. There are a number of ways to tame body roll, such as anti-roll/stabiliser bars, but it can also be controlled by making intelligent alterations to component geometry.

SuperPro Anti-Roll Bar

SuperPro understand the different elements that contribute to body roll and provide all the popular roll control product solutions plus their Dynamic Roll Control technology. Modern vehicles extensively use MacPherson Strut front suspension systems that tend to increase body roll with increased roll. Dynamic Roll Control products correct this geometry to reduce body roll for all types of applications.

DuroBall Metal-Poly Hybrid

Vertical pivot bushes are now very commonly used by OEM engineers to precisely locate control arm pivot points to the chassis. This solution provides great benefits in location precision but has its own inherent weaknesses that can lead to premature failure.

DURO3736K: SuperPro DuroBall Technology

SuperPro has developed a unique metal and polyurethane hybrid design for this demanding application. Combining the core strengths of SuperPro's engineered polyurethane coupled with a specialised metal ball joint, the DuroBall design delivers all the benefits of a vertical pivot solution with greater durability and service life.

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