SuperPro Greaseable Shackle Kits for Leaf Sprung Pickup Trucks

SuperPro Greaseable Shackle for a Toyota Land Cruiser

Nearly all pick-ups have leaf springs fitted at the rear. This configuration copes well with heavy loads that are placed on a large, flat-bed carrying platform and, with no requirement for strut turrets, allow for a greater load area space.

When the suspension moves, or weight is applied, the leaf springs begin to ‘flatten’ and consequently the distance between the front and rear mounting point increases. As the front mount is a straightforward pin and bush fixing, it’s the rear point that moves. This is achieved using a shackle that pivots backwards and forwards to compensate for the extended length of the spring.

The bushes and shackles play a key role in controlling the movement of the spring as it extends and contracts. If the bush is not compliant or the shackle movement is restricted by - for example - corroded pins, overall performance of the suspension is affected, reducing ride quality and increasing the wear rate of the components including the spring itself.

If the bush over-flexes and there is too much axial movement, then the laden spring will twist. This puts excessive strain on the front mounting bolts, the rear shackle pins and spring-retaining U-bolts. Consequently, the impact on the rear suspension components can be significant, especially if the vehicle is regularly used on uneven terrain.

Therefore, to overcome these issues, SuperPro has developed a range of easy-to-install kits that are designed to help increase component life whilst maintain ride and stability, especially when the vehicle is loaded.

The SuperPro kits comprise all of the components required to upgrade the rear spring mounts: anodized high-grade steel shackles and pins, steel tubes and a set of SuperPro polyurethane bushes.

The pins for the front and rear mountings have a grease nipple at one end, enabling them to be lubricated at service intervals. This reduces the likelihood of any corrosion and subsequent restriction of movement that can occur with the standard items. All of the parts contained in this kit are available separately.

Video of our bushes and shackles being fitted to our own Ford Ranger Wildtrak

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SuperPro Greaseable Shackle Kit fitted to a Ford Ranger
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