SuperPro Pick-Up Adjustable Arms

To overcome and compensate for alignment issues that can be caused by adjusting ride-heights, fitting alternative suspension components or excessive wear, SuperPro offers a series of adjustable upper front control arms. Not only do these arms enable more accurate wheel alignment adjustment, they also allow for increased clearance between the arm and the strut when the suspension is at full ‘droop’ and therefore, provide greater articulation.

Nissan Navara D40

The arms feature an adjustable ball joint that allows for up to three degrees of caster and additional camber. This enables suspension on a vehicle that has been lifted by up to 50mm to be accurately aligned.

SuperPro Mitsubishi L200 Adjustable Upper Control Arms (TRC500)

Key Features

  • Increased articulation - ideal for off road use
  • Camber and caster adjustment
  • Increased clearance between spring and control arm at full articulation
  • Fitted with durable and long-lasting SuperPro bushes

Key Product Ranges

Models Covered

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