Classic Car Range

Did you know we offer one of the largest range of upgraded suspension products for classic cars on the market?

Classic cars are often stored for long periods without being driven which helps to preserve some aspects of the car for longer but can have a detrimental effect on the suspension bushes. Rubber bushes in particular can harden and/or sag over time.

This means that you can spend summer getting your Classic set up perfectly and tuck it away for Winter with everything being as it should be - only to find out in Spring that the wheels are off alignment or your bushes have failed. This is a familiar problem for many Classic car owners and collectors.

Fitting the best quality SuperPro polyurethane bushes can not only prevent this problem, but it can also improve the handling, decrease tyre wear and, increase enjoyment all without introducing unwanted noise, vibration or harshness.
Jaguar E-Type
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