SuperPro Pick-Up Strut Top Mounts

SuperPro offers an extensive range of strut top mounts and spring seats for pick-ups and 4x4s, each specifically designed and produced to directly replace the OE rubber components.

Manufactured from a unique and innovative formulation of polyurethane materials - a hall-mark of SuperPro products - these strut top mounting rings, spring seats and associated bushes provide a far more durable and longer lasting alternative to the standard rubber fitments. They are supplied as a kit for both sides of the vehicle, complete with a set of nuts and washers.

As the SuperPro mounts are capable of taking far more punishment than their rubber equivalents, they are ideal for vehicles that are regularly used off road or subjected to rough terrain. In addition, the SuperPro mounts and rings greatly reduce the amount of vertical and lateral movement that can sometimes occur between the springs and uprights.

In addition, they absorb the shocks of heavy impact far better than the standard items and therefore, inspire confidence when driving in arduous conditions. Consequently, the SuperPro strut top mount and spring seat upgrade provides a significant addition to the company’s Pick-up Performance Programme.

SuperPro Strut Top Mounts

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